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My Social Media Toolkit provides ready-made, fully customizable social media and website content.

Save hundreds of hours of work and thousands in spend with our easy-to-use tools and resources.

Real-time Content Creation

Our subject matter experts have created content that can be instantly downloaded and used on your website and social media accounts. With our easy-to-use templates, you can quickly and easily create quality content in minutes.

Highly Customizable

Our content is fully customizable so you can make it your own. Add images, videos, audio clips, or any other visual elements to make sure your message conveys the right message. Or use them just as they are.

Save Money & Time

Our ready-made content will save you hundreds of hours of work and thousands in spend. With My Social Media Toolkit, creating quality content has never been easier!

Toolkits and packs

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Financial Planners Toolkit #1

R 599.00 incl VAT

Financial Planners Toolkit #2

R 599.00 incl VAT

12 Weeks of Blog Articles – One Per Week – Pack #1 (Includes a FREE BONUS Blog)

R 599.00 incl VAT

Recruitment Manager’s Toolkit #1

R 699.00 incl VAT

Looking for a creative way to market your services on social media?

My Social Media Toolkit has you covered. 

Our digital downloads provide you with ready-to-use, fully customizable content, saving you time and hassle. You'll never have to worry about coming up with the right words or graphics again.

Use our pre-written posts and images immediately as they are, or you can edit them in the online tool to match your brand style. With My Social Media Toolkit, you can easily stay top of mind in your network and boost your business results.

Start making the most of social media for your business today — get your hands on My Social Media Toolkit now!

About Us

Welcome to My Social Media Toolkit, your ultimate solution for boosting your online presence and expanding your reach. Our ready-to-use, fully customizable social media and website content will save you both time and money.

Our tools and resources are expertly designed to deliver immediate results, with immediate download and use. Building a strong online presence and a following of prospects and customers has never been easier.

At My Social Media Toolkit, accuracy is our top priority. Our team of experts ensures that every pack is true to your professional identity, so you can be seen as a knowledgeable expert in your online community.

I am grateful that I stumbled across your offering. Very impressed and we will start making use of it within the next day or two.

Effortlessly Create Engaging Social Media Content in Minutes with My Social Media Toolkit

With 250 fully editable posts and a Social Media Planner, our ready-made packs make it easy to get your financial services business up and running quickly. Say goodbye to hours of content creation, and hello to effective, cost-efficient, and consistent content in minutes.

Expertly designed for your industry and created by subject matter experts, our tools ensure accuracy and relevancy. Boost your reach, generate leads, and build your online community with ease, all while saving time and money.

Customize to your brand and message with our fully customizable content, giving you complete control over your online presence. My Social Media Toolkit makes it simple to create high-quality, engaging social media content that will help you achieve your online goals.

Not The Do It Yourself Type?
Need help with your social media management

My Social Media Toolkit is owned and management by The FInancial Foundry, a specialist growth agency. 

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You asked, we answered. The Forge-Business Suite are professional and business focused social media management packages which are aimed to help those who may not have the skills, or the time to manage and build their own social media profiles.

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What the
"My Social Media Toolkit Templates"
Can Do For You


You're not just buying templates that will make your social media look good and have a cohesive brand style. The templates are expertly formulated for audience growth and sales by subject matter experts.


Beyond growing your engagement and audience, our templates were designed to position you as an authority in your niche. Use them and watch your DMs, leads and sales skyrocket.


If right now you spend even 10 minutes a day thinking about what to post, that costs you 5 hours per month and 60 hours per year! Wouldn't you rather spend 60 hours serving clients instead?


Never look at a blank screen or overthink your content creation again. Just fill-in-the-blanks and refer to our swipe examples and watch how effortlessly your best content ever will flow. Content funk be gone forever.


A professional designer could cost you anywhere between $300 - $3000 / m. With our templates, you can replace the need for a designer OR you can hand them off as a 2-3 hour job to your designer / VA to style them to look unique and on brand.


Creating content doesn't need to feel like a chore. Our customers often say the viral content templates has helped them enjoy marketing again. Most of them (eagerly) spend an hour a week to plan and schedule a week's worth of content.
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