12 Weeks of Blog Articles – One Per Week – Pack #1 (Includes a FREE BONUS Blog)

Are you a financial planner struggling to create unique and professional social media content?
Get the My Social Media Toolkit Financial Planning Blog Pack and have 12 pre-written, ready-to-use blogs in just a few clicks!

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12 Weeks of Blog Articles – One Per Week – Pack #1 (Includes a FREE BONUS Blog)

Try it today and get started in minutes!

Don't spend countless hours writing blog articles from scratch.

Our blog pack features 12 captivating, professional blog articles specifically tailored to the financial planning industry. With topics ranging from retirement planning, estate planning, and risk management, you'll have a range of engaging and informative content to draw your readers in.

Grow your business and increase your reach with engaging content.

Our blog pack is the perfect solution for busy financial planners who don't have time for creating content from scratch or hiring expensive freelancers. Get unique content that's ready to post in just a few clicks!

My Social Media Toolkit offers Financial Planners ready-to-use and fully customizable Blog / Article content for you and your business.

You no longer have to worry about tedious content creation. Digital downloads are immediately available, allowing you to post within minutes. Make sure your social media presence is as professional as possible with My Social Media Toolkit.

What people are saying about My Social Media Toolkit

"This is a wonderful tool to have just a few clicks away for when you need it. I love how customizable it is for each person."
-Sophie S.
"I am grateful that I stumbled across your offering. Very impressed and we will start making use of it within the next day or two."
"What a great initiative Brad, for those who want to learn how and make it easy to post on social media… would take a look at Brad’s offering!"
- Bart W.

Take the hassle out of creating unique and engaging  content with My Social Media Toolkit. Download now and start posting within minutes!

No more hours of brainstorming ideas and creating content from scratch, My Social Media Toolkit makes it easy for you. Get access to industry best practices that will help increase engagement and reach a wider audience. Professional social media is just a few clicks away!

Download your Financial Planning Blog Articles today!

R 599.00 incl VAT

12 Weeks of Blog Articles – One Per Week – Pack #1 (Includes a FREE BONUS Blog)

Try it today and get started in minutes!

Get 12 ready-to-post financial blogs for your website

Get 12 ready-to-post financial blogs for your website, covering topics like surviving January's financial hangover, achieving debt freedom, and planning for life events.

Over 8500 words of fully editable content, demonstrating your expertise in financial planning. Don't spend $800-$1100 on content writing, grab our cost-effective blog pack now!

Boost your online presence and establish trust with clients. Purchase now and start adding valuable content today!

Here’s what you’ll get in the My Social Media Toolkit's 12 Blog Articles

Blog #1 – 485 words - Surviving the Financial Hangover: Tips for Making it Through JanuaryBlog #2 – 464 words - The Year Ahead: Setting and Achieving GoalsBlog #3 – 529 words - Achieving Debt Freedom in Just One Year: A Comprehensive GuideBlog #4 – 413 words - How to Plan for Major Financial Events: Tips for Buying a House or Having a ChildBlog 5 – 498 words - The Importance of an Emergency Fund and How to Create OneBlog 6 – 330 words - Insurance and its Importance in Financial PlanningBlog 7 – 1108 words - Achieving Your Financial Goals in the New Year: How to Set a Budget that Works for YouBlog 8 – 477 words - The Power of Long-Term Saving and InvestingBlog 9 – 425 words - Financial Planning for Unexpected Life Events: How to Protect Yourself and Your FamilyBlog 10 – 763 words - 5 Proven Strategies for Reducing Expenses and Boosting IncomeBlog 11 – 1216 words - Financial Planning Process: A Comprehensive GuideBlog 12 – 1361 Words - Creating a Comprehensive Will and Estate Plan: A Step-by-Step GuideBlog 13 Free Bonus Blog – 542 words- Creating a Personalized Budget: Tips and Tricks for Financial Success

Download your Financial Planning Blog Articles today!

R 599.00 incl VAT

12 Weeks of Blog Articles – One Per Week – Pack #1 (Includes a FREE BONUS Blog)

Try it today and get started in minutes!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We've gathered some answers

How will I receive my product

Right after purchase, you will be able to instantly download a word document that contains 13 Blog Items that you can add to your website.

Is this a One-Time-Purchase?

Yes, this is a one-time purchase. There are no monthly or annual fees for this product.

What if I loose my products?

You will always have access to your products which are stored in your account on our website.

Can I use my own logo?

These are for us eon your website, so you can use them in your branded web content.

How may I use these blog posts? Can I share them with my collegues?
Your purchase grants you ONE license to use the templates and content cala for your own use. This means you can use the templates for a business YOU solely own (or personally for yourself) Note: this license doesn't allow you to use these templates on your clients' accounts or share/resell them to any third parties For any questions about what you can and cannot do with the templates, email support@mysocialmediatoolkit.com You may not sell, copy, rent, share our designs or templates without our express permission.
What is the fine print?
Licensing Terms
What you can do with our templates:

  • Use the templates for your business/brand only.
  • Use the templates to create content and promote your brand on your social media, webinars, courses, training, website etc.
  • Modify fonts, colours, and copy so the templates fit your own style in Canva
  • Use the templates for multiple businesses/blogs for which you are the SOLE owner.
  • Use the Canva templates in accordance with Canva's Licensing Terms

You Can Not:
  • Sell, loan, or give away the templates or allow a third party to use them in any way.
  • Share the materials with third parties - whether a client or a friend without previous written consent obtained directly from My Social Media Toolkit.com
  • Use the templates for client work or social media management (even if the templates are not directly transferred to the client).
  • Include the templates in website templates, design templates, quote templates or any other editable product for sale or free distribution.
  • Create derivative products from the templates such as your own templates swipes printable, mugs, print, or any such products for sale or give it away for free.
  • Use the images to promote or sell other Canva template products.
  • Claim or lead people to believe that the templates or the designs were created by you.
  • Use our products in any way that breaches Canva's Licensing Terms

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R 599.00 incl VAT

12 Weeks of Blog Articles – One Per Week – Pack #1 (Includes a FREE BONUS Blog)

Try it today and get started in minutes!


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